A Bright New Era in Closed Communication is Here!

Internal Communications has had a reboot! 

Traditional communication has made way for a more lateral and informal way of keeping staff, colleagues and students in touch and in the loop.

Secure Internal Communications for Companies, Institutions, Schools and Organizations

The functionality and familiarity of Social Media in a closed, secure platform

A Familiar Interface Experience

Tawk is styled in its functionality to resemble familiar social media platforms, where members can interact with each other, follow each other, like and share content, create “groups” for their departments, divisions or classes, share news and documents, organize events with a calendar, and post on each other’s timelines.

 Members can follow groups and individuals to receive updates on their own timelines. This familiar method of communication allows for cross-departmental communication, which keeps all members in touch with developments within the institution.

Safety and security assured

Tawk is a communication platform with the security of your own website domain and does not operate on a shared site domain. Your site is therefore a closed system that requires secure log-in before any participation can occur. 

Your domain can be either on secure internet hosting, or your company intranet.

Various levels of security can be set for members registration and activities within the platform to ensure privacy and security.

In eductaional institutions, educators have full administrative permissions and can monitor and delete any posts deemed inappropriate.

Tawk for Educational Institutions

The only communication portal you will need.

Tawk is a communication portal to keep learners and teachers in touch with each other in the style of popular social media sites, all in one safe and secure site.  Teachers can post learning materials, links to other learning sites, YouTube video’s, and Zoom presentations. 

Learners can interact with teachers, other learners, join groups and be a part of the greater school community. Parents can also access the site to follow news and happenings, and be engaged with everything pertinent to their child.

When it comes to security, Tawk is as secure as it can be. Each institution has its own secure site that requires registration and log-in with a valid email address and password for access and participation.

All Educators or Teachers have administrative permissions to edit, alter or delete content.

While we are serious about the safety and security of learners, we encourage an open platform where educators can enjoy meaningful interaction from learners. Tawk has been designed with built in levels of permissions and abilities that can be tailored to suit your needs. These permissions include the ability to post messages, pictures, emojis or to interact with educators. We work closely with you in the initial setup in tailoring your Tawk experience to suit your institution’s requirements.

Familiar, interactive communication with students

How it works:

1. Teachers form a Group for each of his/her classes. Learners can then join the group and receive updates from that group on their own timelines.

2. Teachers can include images and documents in their posts, links to YouTube videos and invitations to Zoom presentations.

3. Students can download documents, upload assignments and communicate with teachers on their timelines.

4. Tawk works on laptops, pc’s, tablets and cellphones.


A secure solution with affordability built in.

Our membership plans are priced at R39 per month (or R300 annually) per learner. Educators are free. We include 10% free memberships of your institution’s total memberships to be granted to learners at your discretion.

Please explore our virtual school to experience the features and functionality, and consider the potential for your school.

To experience the full functionally on our scratchbox site, log in with email address “myworkfromhome5” and password “tawk12345”. You will be signed in as John Springer, who is an educator. The site is cleared automatically every 4 hours.

Contact us for any queries!