Welcome to our new communications network. We hope that this will be an enriching platform for learners and educators to connect, interact, communicate and share important information about activities in your institution.

Tawk is designed with the familiarity of popular social media in mind to provide an easy to use and fun experience for the user.

The Basics

First, register on the site by clicking on “Accounts” and then “Register.” Complete the easy registration process using your own email address. Complete the payment process and then log in using the email address and password that you have provided.

You will be asked to check your email, where a verification email will have a link to click on, completing the registration process. Log in with the email and password that you have provided. After you have been logged in, first complete your personal profile by adding pictures and adding additional information as per the fields required.

You are now ready to start interacting. Have a look at groups which you would like to follow. By following a group, you will receive updates from the group on your timeline. You can also follow other members in the same way. Find your groups and friends that you would like to follow to have their posts appear on your timeline.

You can chat in a group or other members’ timeline, post pictures, like and share posts.


Groups are where most interactions will occur. Teachers can start a group for each class, ie Grade 10 Maths, Grade 9 Maths etc. Within these groups, teachers can post messages, documents, links to other resources (YouTube or any other website) and learners can upload documents and respond to messages from teachers. To create your group, click on “Groups” on the top main menu. A “Create Group” button will appear at the top. Easy!


There are two types of events, group events and general school events. All events can only be created by educators. Group event listings appear on the right hand side panel.

The top event listing is of the groups that you have joined. Any new events created in those groups will appear here where it is clearly visible to you. These events are created from within a group. To create a new event in a group, click on “Calendar”.

Below that is the All Groups Events listing, which is a listing of all groups’ events, whether you have joined those groups or not. The purpose of this listing is to keep you informed on all group activities within groups in your school.

The third event listing is for events outside of groups and of relevance to all learners. These events are created from your own profile, if you are an educator. These event listings appear on the left side panel. Create a new event from “My Profile” then click on “Events” and then “My Events” where you will find the “Add New” button.

Documents and Media sharing.

Teachers and learners can freely share documents and images. Document types include .docs, .docx, PowerPoint documents and spreadsheets. Documents can be shared in group activities or on each other’s timelines.

Safety and security

All posts and comments are visible and private messaging is disabled for schools unless requested. All educators have administrative permissions to edit, alter or delete any posts deemed inappropriate. Please read our TERMS OF USE for guidance on appropriate use and behaviour.

Tawk is designed to provide an enjoyable platform to keep teachers, the school and students in touch and informed. We hope that you will benefit greatly from the interaction with your institution, and importantly, enjoy the contact with your teachers, other learners and your school.